Giving With a Global Perspective

Giving With a Global Perspective

Sussan Mashhoodi '82 knows firsthand the value of global citizenship. As a teenager, she left Iran to attend Chapman University just before the revolution -- an experience that colors her belief in the importance of campus diversity.

"Having exposure to a diverse student body and faculty from across the globe cultivates the fertile ground in a young scholar's mind," said Mashhoodi, who earned a bachelor's degree in business. "I am confident such exposure can result in better understanding and tolerance of opposing views."

To empower more students from Iran to come to Chapman, Mashhoodi established a living trust that includes a bequest to Chapman University. Working with David Moore, Chapman's assistant vice president for legacy planning, she made plans so that the bequest will eventually create the Sussan Mashhoodi-Khabiri Endowed Scholarship.

"I come from a family where education and facilitating opportunities for others have been regarded as a duty to the society," she said. "Upon reflecting on the issue, I decided to continue with the family tradition."

The scholarship will be awarded to students from Iran or those from the United States who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Persian-American community. Also considered will be applicants' commitment to women's rights in Iran and the promotion of a free exchange of ideas.

By working with Chapman's Center for Global Education and the Department of Admissions, Mashhoodi already is helping to build a foundation for future generations of Iranian students.

"We touch someone's life and make a difference by every decision we make and what we do on a daily basis," said Mashhoodi. "I believe we can and should continue doing so when we are no longer around."

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