A True Legacy for California's Gold

A True Legacy for California's Gold

Throughout his prolific 30-year television career, Huell Howser shed light on the unique culture of California, recognizing extraordinary qualities in everyday people and situations in his signature program, California's Gold. His incredible legacy will continue to shape the stories of Chapman University students for generations to come through the California's Gold Scholarship, a gift he generously funded during his lifetime and also included in his living trust.

California's Gold Scholarships will be awarded to students who view the world with an optimistic outlook and tackle life's challenges with a positive attitude. Because it is an endowment, the California's Gold Scholarship will continue creating educational opportunities for Chapman students for generations to come.

Howser wanted to create a legacy that will stand the test of time and continue to make an impact on the lives of students far into the future. He stated, "[The students] appreciate those scholarships; every cent they can get helps them meet their goals and their dreams." It was also important to Howser that the endowment not include his name, but rather reflect the spirit and essence of California's Gold.

"A hundred years from now, there won't be a person walking on this planet who knows or cares who Huell Howser was. The words 'California's Gold' will no longer mean anything about me or about a television series," said Howser. "They will mean what California's Gold has always truly meant: not the literal gold nuggets that they pulled out of the earth, not the riches people got when they came here, but the dreams that brought people here and are still bringing people here."

Howser's legacy is secure at Chapman because of his vision and generosity. You may also watch helpful videos and use our online wills planner at www.chapman.edu/myplan.

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