Making the Chapman Experience Accessible

Making the Chapman Experience Accessible

Nancy Reid '62 and Robert E. Reid '59, Th.D., believe deeply in the importance of scholarships. "The only way that I could have gotten through Chapman was with scholarships," emphasizes Nancy.

Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts in education from Chapman in 1962 and taught music, first and second grade, in her many years as an educator. Robert graduated from Chapman in 1959 as a philosophy and education double major. He went on to get his master's and doctorate degrees from the Claremont School of Theology, majoring in counseling and psychotherapy. Robert then dedicated his career to the psychotherapy profession until his retirement.

The two have a close bond with Chapman and hold it in high regard. They regularly attend events at Musco Center for the Arts, have both served on the Alumni Board and recently were on campus for the Chapman Homecoming Celebration, where Robert and his college friends gathered for their 60-year class reunion. Chapman is where the happy couple met, and it is where their kids proudly graduated as well.

"The combination of my experience at Chapman and my graduate education is the foundation of my personal life and success," explains Robert. "Every time I'm on campus, it's like coming home."

Their love for Chapman and appreciation for the help they received as students inspired them to include student scholarships in their estate plan. They hope to ensure that students who want to go to Chapman, can go to Chapman. Robert emphasizes the transformative nature of Chapman, how it enriched his life beyond quantification.

"Making the Chapman Experience accessible to students that otherwise wouldn't be able to go, that means a lot," Robert affirms.

"[Scholarships] will always be important because many students out there don't have a chance if there aren't scholarships," Nancy agrees.

Nancy and Robert encourage the Chapman Family to consider their legacy and to give back. The couple looks back on the depth of encouragement they received at Chapman and want to share that support with as many people as they can.

"There's a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are helping a deserving student have the same kind of education and experience we had," Robert adds. "It's very satisfying."

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